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Charlemagne and his friend Suzie Q like to swim randomly around the aquarium. If you click in the aquarium (and then don't move the mouse) the active fish will swim to the hand pointer. When it has reached the hand you can move the mouse and the fish will follow the hand cursor. If you click a second time the fish will stop following and go to sleep even if it is behind a plant. When you click the next time the fish will wake up and start swimming randomly again. If you push the c key on the keyboard you will change fish and additional clicks will control the other fish. The status line at the top of the screen shows which fish is active. The fish with the green background behind it's statusis the one responding to the clicks. What each fish is doing is also shown at the top. When the cursor is out of the acquarium the fish stop swimming. There is no sound. SCROLL THE PAGE UP BEFORE STARTING.

Can you make the active fish follow the other which is swimming randomly?

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