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Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World, Auckland, NZ

Kelly Tarlton's will always hold a special place in my heart. It was 1995 and I took our youngest son to Australia and New Zealand (Auckland, NZ is where this great place is). I figured I couldn’t stick young Shawn with lots of art museums which is what I usually do, so we'd do animal things. Wow! Talk about being hooked immediately! This place was great then, and judging from their website, they’ve gotten even better. We were entranced with the moving walkway underneath the acrylic tunnel of fishes-including of course the sharks which everyone ooohs and aaaahs about, but also other beautiful fishes. At that point, twelve years ago, we really didn't know we were in love with undersea life. As far as I am concerned, better a late-bloomer than not blooming at all. We went through the "tunnel" 2 or 3 times. I remember it vividly, including a special seahorse display.

And of course the recreation of the South Pole explorer Captain Robert Scott's Antarctic habitat, fascinated us, for then, we could see how they lived, those intrepid explorers. There is a life-sized replica hut-and you can really imagine doing what he did. There is also a snowcat and real penguins and more encounter, where you'll be taken back in time to the life-sized replica hut of intrepid South Pole

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