Sunshine International Aquarium, Tokyo, Japan

Sunshine International Aquarium Tokyo, Japan, Feeding Rays What a totally terrific aquarium! In the middle of Tokyo! What? Sunshine International Aquarium is on, I believe, the 9th-11th floors of this whole amazing complex Sunshine City-if you're there with your family, your teen-age girls can shop till they drop, your men can look at computer type stuff, your aunt can relax in front of the astounding fountains, and you can spend hours at the Sunshine International Aquarium. I still can't fathom (pun) how all those thousands of gallons of water and the hundreds (thousands?) of species of sea creatures can live up so high in a city in a country which has so many earthquakes (usually, and hopefully always, smaller ones).

Sunshine International Aquarium Tokyo, Japan, Eel Sunshine International Aquarium is amazing, with a wide variety of habitats. Yes, the guides were speaking Japanese (hello! It is Japan), but you can understand and admire and get around so easily (as you can, actually, around Tokyo). The most outstanding part was the humungous habitat with beautifully colored and patterned tropical fish, rays, and morayeels. And a (female) guide outside with a microphone so she could speak with the (female) diver-guide inside a tank. Luckily I had my video camera. So you could see the underwater guide coax sting rays through large hoops and even pull large moray and green eels out of their hiding places to swim with her.

I believe it was there that I first saw the huge crabs sort of dancing around. And it was definitely at the Sunshine International Aquarium that a vividly painted Clown Triggerfish and I held a staring contest.

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